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  • Shaïna Silva

    Shaïna Silva

    Ecosystem Architect * Futurist * Championing Innovation & Sustainability thru Tech. Lover of Afrofuturism + Neuroscience * Founder: shebuildsinitiative.com

  • Michelle R Chakkalackal

    Michelle R Chakkalackal

  • Heloisa de Souza

    Heloisa de Souza

    Purpose-driven brands enthusiast, social impact advocate, football lover.

  • Max Masure

    Max Masure

    Design Strategist | Coach | Public Speaker | Author of “Wake The F*ck Up: 8-Step Workbook To Reclaim Our Inner Power” Pre-order: https://t.co/FVGvVjdjFQ?amp=1

  • Uncharted


    We're charting the course from impossible to possible. (formerly Unreasonable Institute)

  • Green Stimulus Proposal

    Green Stimulus Proposal

    Climate and social policy experts in academia and civil society

  • Laurence McCahill

    Laurence McCahill

    Designer, coach, entrepreneur. Co-founder The Happy Startup School.

  • Melissa Mbugua

    Melissa Mbugua

    Purveyor of Possibilities. Nairobi and beyond. (entrepreneur, researcher, writer, artist, activist).

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