Hi Fabian! What a great article, I really enjoyed this read. It hits the nail on the head of a dilemma that I personally have been facing for some time. In my heart, I feel generosity is the way to go. Even though I often feel like through our company we give, and give, and give, and forgive people or organisations who unintentionally misuse or even abuse our generosity, I believe that focussing on that negative is not how we want to spend our time, and it sets a bad precedent for the type of culture we advocate. Being generous creates a positive flow and not expecting returns certainly can help to relieve some frustration. But I think in any healthy relationship (and real close knit communities are nothing if not relationships), there is a point where one person should be able to say to the other, ‘Hej, I’ve been pulling this cart here all by myself, how about some help?’ (a particular Lauren Hill song comes to mind here). I’ve found that in my community we have some incredibly dedicated people who respond well to generosity, with their own generosity, which makes it inherently a reciprocal principle. In the end, if you look at generosity as an investment in the long term, is it not just another way to expect a payoff, eventually?

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