How to run a remote brand workshop

Here is the guideline I wish I’d had five years ago.

We use the Brand Thinking Canvas as the main tool

We use our Brand Thinking Canvas as the main tool for remote brand workshops, as this is the most effective overview tool for individual clients and teams to develop their own strong brand framework.

The best platforms for remote workshops

Whichever platforms you are using, the tech is just a means to an end, but the smoother that means, the better. I use two tools simultaneously:

  • an online audio+video conference platform. I use Zoom, but any phone app can do the trick.

I realize this sounds contradictory, but in my experience, in order for people to collaborate as a team, you have to restrict their ability to contribute individually.

The risk of giving everyone the power to paste notes is that people start writing away on their own, and you actually are not processing thoughts and aligning as a team. The result can be a canvas full of stickies and no coherent brand framework. Team members who disagree can just keep adding their own line of thinking.

Setting up your remote workshop space

  • Import the Brand Thinking Canvas PDF onto the board.
  • Start your Zoom meeting and share the screen, or: give the participant access to the board on Miro
  • Place your stickies, move them around as you want.
  • Save the board so you can come back time and time again.
  • Download the work as a pdf to share with the client as documentation of results

Making the most of digital

There are a ton of benefits to working with the canvas digitally.

Online creative facilitation tips

More brand-building resources

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