It takes a village to build a brand

We need to shatter the myth of the Lone Brand Genius if we want to get brands for change off the ground.

There is this myth that it only takes one person to build a strong brand. Some visionary who knows it all, controls it all, and ignores everyone else, emerging one day with some mind-blowing, uncompromising brand created out of thin air.

The Brand The Change community, illustration by Zsuzsanna Ilijin

In a world that glorifies lone geniuses and self-starters, we expect ourselves to master every single skill needed to build companies, movements, or careers.

While many of us are deeply intertwined with what we are building, we somehow hope to retain the clarity of an outsider's perspective, so crucial in building brands that resonate with our audiences.

More support for brand building changemakers

Brand the Change, the guidebook — A full guide to building brands for change, with 13 case studies, 22 tools, the anatomy of a strong brand explained, and 5 guest essays by brand experts with tips and tricks on everything from trademarking to PR.

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